OPERANDUM workshop on stakeholder engagement in Paris

Today was the kick-off for the international workshop on “Stakeholder engagement in design and implementation of nature-based solutions” in Paris. This workshop will be a moment for OPERANDUM’s WP and OAL project partners to gather and update each other on the 8-month progress, since the Project kick-off in Bologna.

First two days of the gathering are more technical and focus on the acquisition of knowledge and the formalization of requirements from all levels of stakeholders to provide suitable inputs to the co-design, capacity building and dissemination tasks of OPERANDUM.  

This interactive workshop will create a momentum for sharing results of:

  • Stakeholder mapping;
  • Analysing results of stakeholders requirements at OAL and global level;
  • Tailoring OPERANDUM’s stakeholders engagement strategy.

On the third day, together with EU project officer and several experts and EU project representatives on related topics (tbc), OPERANDUM partners will share their experience on nature based solutions during the public event.