Open-air Laboratory

China (hong kong)

Operandum open-air laboratories (oals) cover a wide range of hazards, with different levels of climate projections, land use, socio-economic characterization, existing monitoring activities and nbs acceptance.

The Hong Kong New territories (946 km2), a region between two major urban areas of Hong Kong and Shenzhen

The objective of the OAL Hong Kong is to investigate the mechanisms and mitigation of heatwaves in rural and urban Hong Kong, and to develop a tree model which can be coupled into urban canopy model. Hong Kong is a coastal city located at the southern tip of mainland China, in the center of the countries along the western Pacific coast. The territory consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Motivation for choice according to hazard exposure and asset value

 Flooding, storm surge, extreme precipitation and heatwaves
 Extreme future heatwaves around densely populated agricultural regions
 Representative example of rural regions in South China and South East Asia
 Presence of high biodiversity value (birds and butterflies species)
 Key research base for heat mitigation with long time data and a comprehensive record of the vegetation/tree data

Possible nature-based and hybrid solutions

 Restoring the evapotranspirant role of the unique fung shui woods
  Increase heat sinks by expanding the existing fung-shui woods for rural villages
 Increase afforestation by planting new native trees to promote evapotranspiration
 Valorize reservoirs and country parks
 Developing design guidelines of green solutions for local rural Hong Kong and possibly elsewhere

To learn more about OAL Hong Kong please visit the interactive page with detailed information regarding the hazards they face and how NBS is providing solutions.

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Across the world, we are facing challenges like disaster risk everyday. Some of us are living in areas where disasters are very likely. Which challenges are you facing in your area? Flood, landslides, coastal erosion, drought, something else?


The fear of flooding is a major perceived risk. Floods affect many areas, such as agriculture, infrastructure, local businesses as well as the tourism sector. To deal with the risk of flooding, OPERANDUM has implemented multiple Nature-based Solutions.


Coastal Erosion & Storm Surge

Coastal erosion is the loss of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of sediments or bedrock from the shoreline. It is often associated with extreme weather events such as coastal storms, storm surge and flooding.


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