OPERANDUM webinar: Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction in rural areas

With floods, droughts, landslides and heat waves increasing due to climate-related impacts, healthy well-managed ecosystems can go a long way in building resilience to disasters and climate change in vulnerable communities.

A consortium led by University of Bologna and supported by UNESCO’s Section of Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction joined forces to address this challenge within the EU-funded OPERANDUM project.

Launched in 2018, OPERANDUM is working to reduce hydro-meteorological risks in European rural territories through co-created, tested and demonstrated innovative Nature-Based Solutions. The study regions comprise a network of open-air laboratories with unique ecosystems, climate conditions and socio-cultural assets, exposed to several different types of hazards.

Join us for the first in a series of OPERANDUM webinars and learn all about the potential of Nature-based Solutions to manage disaster risk in rural areas!

What you will get out of this webinar:

  • Learn how UNESCO contributes to overcoming environmental challenges by strengthening capacities in the field of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction.
  • Learn how co-designed, innovative Nature-based Solutions can achieve targeted disaster risk and climate resilience goals, while providing economic and environmental benefits, as well as community empowerment.
  • Find out which steps OPERANDUM is taking to upscale and mainstream the use of nature-based interventions to manage environmental risks and establish long-term resilience in vulnerable regions.
  • Understand the different dimensions around implementation of Nature-based Solutions and the significance of cross-sectoral cooperation and participatory processes at each step of the way.

You can attend the webinar for free. Register here: ow.ly/LPGx50BJTQi.