Meet the partner: Naturalea

Can you tell us a little bit more about the history, goals and strategy of Naturalea?

Naturalea has 25 years of experience in the field of landscape restoration with Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). Our essential rule is to work with and for the nature and we do it with an experienced team with a high qualification and preparation with the aim to provide a service with a maximum rigor. Our aim is to defend and revitalize our environment so that future generations cannot only continue to enjoy it but can also enjoy a more inviting landscape.

Can you introduce yourself briefly? What is your role within the OPERANDUM project?

Naturalea is a company specialised in the design and execution of systems for landscape restoration and conservation and urban spaces naturalisation, prioritising the use of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and soil and water bioengineering techniques.

Thanks to this experience Naturalea is responsible to advice and provide support to the different open-air laboratories to implement their Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to tackle the different hydrometeorological hazards.

How did Naturalea get involved in the OPERANDUM project?

Thanks to our collaboration in another European project with the Glasgow Caledonian University (CGU) we were aware about the OPERANDUM project, which from the first time, fitted with our work area and more important we found it necessary to tackle the current climate change crisis.

How do you see the added value of Naturalea in the OPERANDUM project? What is OAL-UK about?

Naturalea is one of the companies involved within the project which provides a practical and executive view besides having years of experience in research. This combination of views allows us to understand the necessities of the different OAL’s and to collaborate with the different stakeholders.

OAL-UK is located in the Catterline Bay (Scotland) where the main problem are the landslides of argillaceous soil on top of a conglomerate caused mainly by phreatic water, run-off water and movements of old lands damaged in the urbanization area. The implementation of different Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) with soil & water bioengineering techniques are going to mitigate the slope stability problems and are being monitored and modelled to characterize their positive impact. These techniques are based in the use of plants, specially shrubs to create conditions to stabilize the slopes.

What exactly does Naturalea do in relation to the OPERANDUM project?

Besides our contributions to the deliverables, we assess different OAL’s to implement their nature-based solutions and provide a practical view with our experience to give support.

What is something you are proud of relating to the project?

Currently, we are monitoring and modelling the capacity of some plants to uptake salt to tackle the salinity intrusion hazard. Results are very positive, and we will implement in the following months this Nature-Based Solution in a natural environment with salinity intrusion problems. (Po di Goro Delta).