GeoIKP Platform – Newsletter February

Are you a scientist, citizen, policymaker, company, association or journalist? The GeoIKP platform is now available for any type of user. With its user-customized interfaces, you will find answers to your questions regarding Nature-based Solutions.  

Crowdsourcing is a fundamental part of the platform. Through crowdsourcing, we have collected already more than 500 NBS case studies around the world, 24 datasets and 2252 policies related to NBS. Become a contributor to grow these crowdsourcing repertoires to support the NBS community with open-access data, case studies and more. 

Around the world, citizens and local associations are implementing Nature-based Solutions. This is another benefit of Nature-based Solutions: everyone can get active! Get started! But how? The newly launched Citizen Stories give a voice to everyone to share personal experiences of how and why they applied Nature-based Solutions to their areas. 

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