Conference: Suopäivä – Peatland day

When: 31 January 2020
Where: Helsinki, Finland
Consortium Partner: Luke

The Suopäivä – Peatland Day Conference was a very interesting day. The main topic was forest management for a better water quality. There were several interesting sessions that we attended:

  • Marshes and peatlands in the light of IPCC special and assessment reports – new research questions and needs? (Annalea Lohila, University of Helsinki; Finnish Meteorological Institute)
  • Landscape Rewilding – Village-driven protection of waters and bogs (Kaisu Mustonen, Cooperative Lumimuutos)
  • From swamp forest to peatland in the tropics – the short end of a long story (Jyrki Jauhiainen, Natural Resources Center; Univeristy of Helsinki)

We want to thank the Finnish Peatland Society for this interesting day.