Open air laboratory workshop

During the first eight months of the OPERANDUM project, seven European and three non-European Open Air Laboratories (OALs) have taken the first steps in co-designing the Nature-Based solutions. Stakeholders have been identified, first meetings with them organized and a lot of data has been collected to better understand the ecological and social conditions of the target areas. Now it is time to gather the representatives of the OALs to share the first results and observations, and refine the approaches and concepts to be used. The workshop that is hosted by Finnish partners of the OPERANDUM, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) aims to fulfill the following aspects:

  • to describe the status on OALs, find similarities and differences between them;
  • to develop a common approach in co-design and co-development and create first drafts of the co-design plans for the OALs;
  • to discover data/information needs from OALs;
  • to find common understanding in modelling, monitoring and indicators

The workshop will result in an overview (matrix) on these issues across the OALs that will help to organise the work at the OAL level. The results also serve as an input in the OPERANDUM Paris meeting, 25-27 February 2019.